PV Investment & Management / Operation & Maintenance of PV Power Station

System Summary

Combined with the new technology for Internet of Things, the unified monitoring and management system is constructed to monitor and manage inverters and other equipment of different manufacturers, types and models to optimize the efficiency of operation and maintenance of PV power plants. Long-term and effective monitoring of PV power generation systems can detect system failures in timely manner and greatly improve the return on investment of the system.

Technical Characteristics:

·Continuously improve the quality of power station operation through remote diagnosis and continuous analysis of big data.

·Different components such as components, combiner boxes, inverters, controllers, and weather sensors can be monitored as needed.

·A  powerful cloud platform supports simultaneous monitoring of 500,000 power stations.

·Support for monitoring by tablet/smartphones anytime, anywhere.


Longmax-Cloud monitors the status of solar PV power plants, and monitors the PV equipment (combiner box, inverter, controller, weather station, power meter, and etc.) in real time, record and generate corresponding data through list and curve display. The report also has the function of alarming the running fault, and intuitively analyzes the running status of the device, detects the abnormality of the device and issues warning in time. The energy modules of platform completion as below: